How about a totally new perspective on the economy? In a market economy, we all get what we deserve. At least, that’s what we believe. But more confusion reigns now than ever: who actually decides how big our share of the roast goat will be? Market laws or a curious arrangement construed by the powers that be? Axel Reimann explains why more and more people are questioning their faith in the economy and what impact that may ultimately have. In a humorous, vivid, and unconventional style, he reveals how the economy in Western cultures is on the verge of secularisation, what our overnight bank accounts have to do with world peace, and why it would be hell on earth if we no longer had anything to worry about. He also tackles why property needs priests, and how Franz Beckenbauer came to autograph pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini.

A new perspective on the economy – humorous and descriptive. An unusual evaluation of how we deal with money.

Babelcube Inc., Juni 2017
ISBN: 9781547502837